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Baker Grace – Am I Talking To You?


17-year-old emerging Pop singer Baker Grace releases the music video for her debut single, “Am I Talking To You?” — a record about losing a friend to drugs.

“I think we wanted it to feel very raw and real because the content of the song was very raw and real,” Baker told Refinery29 about the creative process of the visual. “And, you know, we wanted to show what it would feel like to be that person who is losing their friend. And you know, you’re kind of in this state, and it’s dark and it’s grainy and it’s rough. The video shows the roughness and the rawness of the content of the song.”

About the record, she declares, “Music is more than just something I do for myself, it is important to me, because it has the power to connect with others—even when they don’t realize it. My song, Am I Talking to You, is about a friend I lost because she started to care more about her reputation, drugs, and alcohol than our friendship. It’s a situation I imagine many listening will have experienced on either side.”

Baker also spoke and her outlook on life and music: “When I feel oppressed, I write about freedom. When I’m lonely, I write about love. When I feel defeated, I write about victory. And, when my song is shared, I hope it becomes shared courage for all of those who are feeling the same.I never stop thinking, observing, and analyzing the world around me. I discovered music as a vehicle to share those thoughts. It’s a way to relate to people who share those same feelings, and also offer a different perspective to those who haven’t.”

This young lady is going places!

Watch the music video for “Am I Talking To You?” below.

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